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Dark Saturday

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Task 1/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...

“Uugghhh, already 7:30?” you questioningly ask your alarm clock as you smash the ‘snooze’ button, freshly torn away from your dreams, not yet in an entirely sane state of mind. Why does the morning have to be so agonising? If it wasn’t bad enough already that it’s a Saturday, it certainly is when you realise you have to get out from underneath those beautiful, warm blankets to face the morning cold.

Very half-heartedly, you groan and slink out from beneath the covers. Images of the dream you just woke up from play themselves in your mind as you slowly pull your day clothes on. “There was a temple... I was running around inside it frantically, I must have been lost... Then there was that pair of glowing red eyes towering above me... The last thing that happened before I woke up was those eyes... Coming closer and closer... closer... then nothin- *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEE-CLUNK*”.

“Ugh, I really am tired”.

Realising that you had successfully fallen asleep while attempting to put on your left shoe, you resolve to stand up and do jumping jacks to keep awake. After deciding that sleep won’t claim you again, you grab your PokePod, put your earphones in, and hit play on your running playlist. Everyone in the house is still asleep, so you tread quietly as you head downstairs and out the front door. Instantly, you are greeted with a wave of cool morning air that freshens you and removes almost every trace of sleepiness left in your body.

Years of morning running have passed, and that feeling of freshness in the morning still isn’t old. Unfortunately, those years haven’t made you any more of a morning person. After a deep breath, you take off at a steady jog along the dirt road. After only minutes, you notice a pillar of smoke rising up into the sky some way off in the distance. “That’s out near the lab!” you think to yourself. Even though the lab is a lot further away than you were planning on going, you know your fitness from those years of running will make it easier for you to get there.

Better go check it out.
Run to the lab and find out what’s going on (Get 1000 interactions) — [711/1,000]

Task 2/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
You arrive at the lab, and can hardly believe your eyes as you stare at the huge hole in the front wall of the lab. The lab is a two-story high building with very few windows as to conceal the happenings inside it. The hole is on the ground floor and almost reaches the second due to it’s size. There are several parts of the top floor that are ablaze, with fire crews working hard on putting it out. You wonder how this ever happened. Did some crazy lab geek accidentally mix the wrong chemicals?

Sitting over by an ambulance van, you notice a very distressed scientist in a singed lab coat. He appears to be muttering something to himself, so you walk over to see if he can provide some answers. He rapidly and somewhat maniacally stares at you as you approach him.

“What happened here?” you ask him. “Oh and, sorry about the sweaty smell, I just ran here”.

The scientist looks a little disgusted at that, but chooses to answer your question rather than comment on your odour. “I was just sitting at my desk writing up a report, yes, a report. At my desk. Writing a report. Then suddenly an incubator blew up. Must have been some damaged cabling to the heating system. I was at my desk, yes, writing a report. The incubator...”

“How did an incubator blow a hole that big in the side of the building, as well as set the roof on fire? Where was the incubator?”

“My desk, my report. The incubator was on the bottom floor next to the hole. I was only writing my-”.

“I know, I know, your report, your desk. But how did the fire get on the roof if the explosion was on the bottom floor?”

The scientist stares blankly at you, then suddenly goes wide eyed and mysteriously loses his supposed insanity. “You can’t tell anyone, please. Promise me you won’t tell anyone”.

“I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry. What happened in the lab, sir?”

The scientist begins fidgeting with his hands and looking around nervously. “I had an experiment. I revived an ancient Pokémon from a fossil millions of years old. It was said to be an extremely powerful and efficient hunter back in the Paleozoic era. It’s been in my lab for a couple of months while I’ve been experimenting with it. I don’t know why, but it suddenly started to rampage in the lab and broke free of it’s cage. It destroyed some stuff and then blasted a hole in that wall over there...”


He looks at you with an intense amount of guilt. “I may have kind of accidentally engineered a powerful cannon onto it’s back”. He starts to bite his lip.

Struggling to comprehend this, you keep the conversation rolling in the hopes of finding out more. “Do you know where it went?”

“It sped off into the forest”. He points over towards the edge of the forest. “I need to find it and bring it back. No one can know about it, or about the tools I created for it”.

“Wait, what tools?”

The scientist quickly hands you a scrunched up, slightly burnt piece of paper. You unfold it and see what appears to be schematics for some kind of disc drive. “Those are drives that I created for the cannon on it’s back. It makes the Pokémon incredibly dangerous. It so happens that when it escaped, it took them with it. There are four of them, and with all four in it’s possession, I don’t know how it can be stopped”.

“I’m a pretty avid battler and I’ve got some highly-trained Pokémon. Perhaps I could take a look around, try to locate it, maybe bring it back for you?” You aren’t entirely sure why you’re offering to help. Maybe it’s because you’re bored of your daily routine and want something new and exciting in your life. Something risky.

“By all means, I will take any help I can get at the moment, as long as it doesn’t come from officials. Take the schematics with you, they may come in handy”.

“I’ll head off now and do an aerial search of the forest and see if I can find anything”. You reach for your belt and detach a Poké Ball. “Come out Salamence, we need to do some work”.
Send out your Pokémon (Have a Salamence in your Party - It MUST be obtained as an egg and hatched during this task) — [0/1]

Task 3/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...

Your Salamence roars as it materialises on the ground in front of you and the scientist.

“We have some work to do, buddy. We need to search the forest for a rogue Pokémon”. Salamence nods it’s head to say that it understands. You direct your attention to the scientist. “Can you tell us exactly what this Pokémon looks like? It’ll make it a lot easier to identify it”.

“Of course. It’s a large humanoid bug. It stands about as tall as you, and is almost completely purple. The only part that isn’t purple is the light on the cannon I installed. It changes colour depending on the drive it is using. Oh, and also it’s eyes. Big, red, and really creepy”.

You suddenly remember the big red eyes from your dream, and that intense feeling of fear you had reappears for a split second. “O.. Okay. We’ll remember that, won’t we Salamence? We’ll go find your bug. Thanks for the info”.

“Be careful! If you die then this is going to cause some serious damage to my lab business”. He looks scared after saying that, and you wonder to yourself just how crazy he really is.

You swing your leg up over Salamence and command it to take off. It is only a minute or two before you are up, soaring with the clouds. Only then do you realise just how enormous the forest is, and just how much searching you are going to need to do.
Search the forest from above (Get 1500 interactions) — [0/1,500]

Task 4/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
After what feels like forever of searching, you spin your head to see how far you’ve come. A little wave of panic rushes over you when you realise that you can’t even see the town you came from in the distance. All you can see around you is forest. Quickly, you look for any trace of a significant landmark on the ground that you can use to get your bearings. That’s when you see it. A very quick, but unmistakable flash of purple appears from between the trees.

“THERE! Salamance, go down quick!” Your Pokémon reacts quickly and takes you down to just above the tree line. You stare intently at the trees, waiting, hoping to see another flash of purple. Suddenly, there’s a flash and a yellow bolt of what appears to be electricity shoots up from where the purple flashed. You barely have even a second to react before the bolt collides with Salamence’s wing.

“ROOOOGGHHH!!!” Salamence roars in pain and starts to lose control of it’s flight. Another beam fires up from out of the forest, but this time it’s not electricity. It’s some kind of strange blue. It hits the other wing and instantly encases it in ice. Another howl of pain and Salamence begins to drop rapidly to the ground, with you still on it’s back. Through the spiraling descent of your injured Pokémon, you can see a clearing not far ahead, and some kind of strange structure out there. Everything is spinning, you are starting to black out, and the last thing you see before you lose consciousness is a pair of big, red, evil-looking eyes.


When you awaken, you have a pounding headache and several bruises. You are covered in bits of twig and leaf from the trees above, but nothing seems to be broken. You sit up, dazed, and look around. “SALAMENCE!” You rush over to your brutally injured Pokémon. “No, no, no no no! Please be okay, please don’t die”. Your Pokémon is struggling to breathe, and it’s wing is still encased in ice.

You need to help him, you need to. But what can you do? You’re stuck in the middle of an enormous forest, who knows how far from home, and none of your other Pokémon can heal. Your only hope is berries, lots and lots of berries. You look up at the trees surrounding you and notice that several of them have berries dangling from them. You aren’t sure how many you will need.

“It’ll be alright Salamence, I promise”, you say in a panicked tone. “I won’t let this happen. We’ve been together too long for me to just let you go”. Tears starting to stream down your face, you start climbing the nearest tree to get berries.
Heal your Salamence (Have 160 people feed Salamence an Aspear Berry) — [0/160]

Task 5/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
The ice that was encasing Salamence’s wing has all melted away now, and he seems to be regaining consciousness. It’s not much -- there’s still a lot of healing needing to be done -- but it will have to do for now. You sit down and lay up against your steadily-breathing Salamence and breathe a huge sigh of relief. You really don’t know what you would have done if something happened to him. He’s been with you your whole life. You remember the feeling you got on your third birthday when you were presented with an egg. You took care of that egg like a mother hen, albeit with the assistance of your parents, until it hatched into your very first Pokémon, a Bagon. From that moment, you knew you had a partner and a friend for life. From that day, he has been by your side through everything, and to lose him would create a rift in your heart so big that it could never be filled.

You sigh again, and recall Salamence to your Poké Ball. Despite all that has happened, you know you can’t quit now. You need to give your Pokémon time to rest, so you decide it best to continue on. During your search for berries, you realised that you are actually very close to the clearing you spotted during the fall from the sky, so you figure it best to head towards there. After a couple minutes, you are there, and you take in the structure that seems to be positioned in the exact centre.

It is an incredibly old-looking building that looks somewhat like a temple. It is a few floors high, and is slightly pyramid-like in shape, except for the top where the entrance is marked by a large stone archway. The stones that were used to build this structure are all dark grey and brown, with moss covering at least half of them. Vines seem to have wrapped themselves around pillars that mark the perimeter around the temple. You can tell just by looking at it that it must be extremely old.

Looking up at the entrance, your heart skips a beat as a pair of red eyes begin to glow from the darkness, and then fade away. You know now that this is the place where the dangerous bug Pokémon is hiding. You must proceed.

Now knowing just how deadly this creature can be, you tread cautiously. You need absolute focus for this, or your life may very well meet it’s end. You finally reach the entrance. There is nothing visible past the very start of it. There is only darkness. For several minutes, you stand there and stare into the darkness, waiting to see if the eyes re-appear. Nothing happens, so you slowly move toward the entrance, into the total darkness.

A few metres in, you reach a wall. It must be a corner. You edge to the left and realise that the path continues on that way. Using the wall as a guide, you slowly edge around the corner until the light from the entrance is out of sight. It is now just pitch black. You stop, a little frightened. Your breathing is heavy. You hear a scuffling sound from somewhere ahead of you and freeze. Without much warning, a bright red beam suddenly fires and hits the ground just in front of your feet, causing some moss to burst into flames. There is no way that the Pokémon was aiming for you. There is no way it missed after displaying such precise accuracy during your flight. A warning shot, maybe?

From the light glow of the now subsiding fire, you can see a silhouette of a very deformed-looking humanoid. Those eerie red eyes begin to glow, and panic sets in. “No, this is not the time to be scared. I have to do this for Salamence”, you think to yourself.

“That’s it, bug brain. It’s one thing to mess with a strange mad scientist, but it’s another to mess with my best friend! You’re going down now!”
Defeat the Pokémon (Battle Genesect in the Battle Tower) — [0/1] Very easy by using Charizard (fire pokemon) one hit = dead

Task 6/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
The battle is quick, but very tough. The Pokémon moves extremely fast and attacks from all sides. Despite that, you managed to gain the upper hand with some strategic moves. After getting a few good hits on the Pokémon, it scurried away into the darkness of the temple. It now knows you are serious business. The Pokémon’s range of attacks included more of the strange fire beams, which lit up several patches of moss in the corridor. It also allowed you to see that there are several brackets lining the walls, each containing a wooden torch. You grab the nearest one before the last of the flames die out, and push it rapidly into a burning patch of moss. Success! It lights, and now you have a torch to help you see in the pitch black temple.

You go to take a step, and feel something hard under your foot. You look down and notice a drive just like the one in the schematics the scientist gave you. It is red, and is labelled with the word “Fire”. Something clicks in your brain and you realise that the drive is what allowed the Pokémon to shoot fire at you. Without it, fire is no longer an attack in it’s arsenal. You pick it up and stow it in your pocket for safe-keeping. You can’t let the Pokémon get this back.

Curiously, you wonder if it accidentally dropped any more of the drives in it’s attempt to flee. With your torch in hand, you set out along the corridor and deeper into the temple in the hopes of finding another drive.
Find another drive in the template (Find the special Exploration item) — [you will randomly find it on the ground in the same manner as normal items]

Task 7/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
Success! After some searching, you managed to find a Chill Drive on the ground. This must be the drive that led to Salamence getting a frozen wing. You relish the fact that you now have half of the drives. It is beginning to get more dangerous now, however. Your Pokémon are a little injured from the battle before, so you are going to have to take it easy and avoid battling for as long as possible.

You realise that you are probably going to need another Pokémon to help you bring down this mysterious bug Pokémon. Surely, in this millions of years old temple, there must be some kind of Pokémon dwelling in it’s dark depths that isn’t some insane gun-loving bug thing. In fact, you are sure you heard some kind of movement at various points in your search for the latest drive. You wave your flaming torch around in the hopes of seeing something. It doesn’t take long for you to realise that the ceiling is lined with many brown lumps in varying shapes and sizes.

“Wait! I remember reading about these back in school!” Memories of boring Pokémon history classes come flooding back to you and you remember that these lumps are actually ancient creatures. You hold your torch up to the one of the larger lumps and begin heating it with the flame. After a minute or two, a high-pitched screech sounds from underneath it and it drops to the floor with a crash. You remember from your classes that this Pokémon is a Kabutops. They can be very powerful and would come in handy in the hunt for the bug.

The Kabutops glares at you, then at the fire. It screeches again and scurries off into the darkness. You chase after it and eventually find it crouched down next to a pool of water, a very peculiarly-shaped object hanging from it’s mouth.

Your eyes go wide. “Wait, no!” The Pokémon jumps into the water and swims away rapidly. You have no choice but to give chase to it. You need that drive! Without really thinking, you dive into the water and almost smack your face on the ground. It is only shallow water, going up to the middle of your chest. It is also icy cold.

“Why can’t I avoid the cold?” you mutter to yourself. Looking forward, the defined structure of the temple ends and the water pool leads out into what appears to be a stream entering the mouth of a cave. There is a strange blue glow coming from various pieces of coral underneath the water. You can use that to guide you.

You can’t see the end of this freezing cold stream of water, but you need to go; you need to get that drive, no matter what.
Follow the stream (Get 2200 interactions) — [0/2,200]

Task 8/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
You finally reach the end of the freezing cold stream of water and find yourself in a large crystalline cavern. The crystals all emit a blue glow and it acts as a light source. It is strangely calming. There is a tunnel leading off on the other side. At the edge of the water, you are shocked to see that the Kabutops is laying there unconscious. You stumble out of the water and take a closer look at it.

“Wha- what happened to it?”. The Pokémon isn’t breathing, and there are several sparks of electricity dancing across it’s body. You can barely comprehend what you are looking at. You know immediately that the bug Pokémon is the cause of this, and that means you are on it’s trail. You shed a tear at the lifeless Kabutops laying before you, knowing that you are the reason it ended up with this fate. If you hadn’t disturbed it’s rest, it wouldn’t have scurried to it’s doom. Now is not the time to start feeling down, though. You need to pull through and get justice.

As you start to walk away, you notice a drive on the floor. It is a deep blue colour and is labelled with “Douse”. This must be the drive that the Kabutops was holding. Why, then, didn’t the bug Pokémon take it?

“Are you... are you trying to lead me somewhere?” you ask out loud to nothing. “Don’t you want the drives?”. You pick up the drive and keep walking towards the tunnel. As you get close, you see those familiar red eyes begin to glow in the darkness of the tunnel. “You... Come out here, please. What do you want with me? Why are you leading me around? You almost killed my best friend!” Anger is starting to flow through your body now. You begin to shout. “WELL?!? COME ON OUT! FACE ME IN THE LIGHT!”

The glowing eyes fade, and the purple bug Pokémon walks out from the tunnel. It stares you straight in the eye, and has a look of almost sadness on it’s face. “Gene... Sect...” It sounds unhappy.

“So your name is Genesect?” you ask it, unsure of how you should be feeling at this moment. The Pokémon nods it’s head in agreement. “What are you doing? Why are you here?”

“Gene... Gene-sect”. The Pokémon ushers you into the tunnel. You sense that it will not harm you, so you follow it in. The longer you follow it, the more curious you become. Eventually, you are led into another opening. There are several lit torches in there, and in the very centre is what appears to be a nest. More surprisingly, in the middle of the nest there is a purple egg. The same shade of purple as the Genesect.

“Wait, what? Is that yours?”

Genesect nods in agreement again. Everything suddenly makes sense in your mind. That egg is the reason the Genesect started a rampage at the lab. It needed somewhere to lay it. Somewhere safe where it could also be protected. It must have thought you were going after it’s egg. But why is it now letting you so close to it?

All the flames in the room begin to flicker, and down from the ceiling drop a large number and variety of Pokémon. They surround the egg as Genesect makes an advance. Genesect turns and moves back to where you stand, a pleading look on it’s face. It can’t fight all these Pokémon on it’s own, it needs your help. This must be why it wanted to lead you here.

“Don’t worry Genesect, I’ll do my best to help you”.
Defeat the group of Pokémon (Battle the group of Pokémon in the Battle Tower) — [0/1]

Task 9/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
With some difficulty, you manage to overcome the Pokémon. Your Pokémon were already in a bad state from battling before, but now they are in urgent need of a Pokémon Centre. Your Salamence was needed desperately in the battle, and although you didn’t want to send him out, you had to, and he is the reason that the battle was won. You begin to recall all your Pokémon. As you are about to recall Salamence, the Kabutops from the battle rears up and makes an extremely swift and accurate slash at you. Salamence manages to dive in front of you at the last second, taking the full force of the attack.

“NO!!!” you shout at the top of your lungs as you watch Salamence slump to the ground. Genesect fires some attack at the Kabutops, incapacitating it. You rush to Salamence’s aide, trying desperately to help him. You feed him some leftover berries from before, but it is no use. He isn’t swallowing them. He isn’t breathing. It’s too late.

Your whole world is crumbling around you now, as streams of tears are rolling down your face, dripping onto the lifeless body of your greatest friend, your companion. You are filled with an intense pain and sadness, as well as anger. How could you let this happen.

“Salamence, no! Please no, no no, no, don’t be gone”. You beg for mercy, but it is too late, and you know that deep down. Nothing can be done to save him, he’s already gone. Genesect’s strong, bug arms grab you and pick you up. You don’t want to leave your best friend, but you have no choice. You need to survive. Genesect grabs the egg from the nest and holds it in one arm, you in the other.

It slowly begins to hover, revealing it’s bug wings on it’s back. You don’t even pay attention to it. You don’t care. All you can feel is pain right now, a pain that you aren't sure will ever subside. Before you know it, you are outside the temple, sitting on the grass. You were carried there by the Genesect. It looks excessively tired out now. It is panting a weird high-pitched pant, and it is no longer hovering.

You turn to face it. “Thank you. Thank you for bringing me back out here”.

The Genesect acknowledges that, and ejects from the back of it’s head, the fourth and final drive: the Shock Drive. It hands it to you. The mission wasn’t a total waste. You at least successfully obtained all the drives, though the reason for obtaining them is now redundant, as Genesect isn’t a cause for concern anymore.

Silently, you turn and start to walk away. You need to get home. You need to find your way through this ridiculously huge forest. You know Genesect can’t carry you all the way. As you begin to walk, you notice that Genesect is following you, with it’s egg in it’s arms. It will be able to at least guide you in the right direction, but it is still going to be an extremely long walk. You don’t expect to be home until possibly tomorrow morning.
Find your way home through the forest (Get 7000 interactions) — [0/7,000]

Task 10/10

Dark Saturday
—It's not often that you have dark days, but when you do, you just want to forget...
It is now the morning of the next day and you are absolutely beat. You are more tired right now than you have ever been. You just want to crash in bed and not wake up for several days. You can’t do that right now, however. You’ve just spent the last several hours walking through a forest, carrying with you the memory of witnessing your best friend in the world’s death. You feel empty. You can’t go home yet because you have to see the scientist and deliver the Genesect back to him. Yes, it followed you all this way, carrying it’s egg in it’s arms.

Absolutely sick of walking, you are at least happy about the fact that you finally reached the scientist’s lab. It is no longer on fire, and the hole has been partially patched up. Not even bothering to knock on the door, you just open it and walk on in. The scientist is sitting at a shiny new desk, writing on some papers. He turns when he hears you come in.

“You did it? You brought Genesect back? Did you get all the drives? How come you didn’t get killed in the process?”

“Look, I’m not in the mood for much talk right now. Genesect was only acting like that because it needed to lay and protect it’s egg”. You point at the Genesect standing in the doorway. “Also, here are your stupid drives”. You throw them one at a time onto his desk. “And I didn’t get killed because my best friend, my first ever Pokémon, my companion, my partner... Sacrificed himself to save me”.

The scientist looks shocked at your anger and doesn’t say anything for a second. Right as you turn to leave, he says “Wait, why don’t we share some drinks... We can remember your Pokémon”.

You turn to look at him, tears rolling down your face. “Yes, please”.
Share several drinks with the scientist (Have 6 Lemonades in your inventory) — [4/6]



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